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Lichtentaler Alle


Lichtentaler Allee

This world-famous park lies along a bank of the
Oos River. It was once a meeting-place for European
nobility, artists and diplomats.
The original avenue of oak-trees (as which it had been
established by Moritz von Lassolaye in 1655) was
converted into an English garden covering 40 hectars
of land by casino leaseholder Jacques Bénazet in 1850.
Now around 300 different kinds of trees and shrubs can
be found there: oaks, beech trees, tulip- and
mammoth-trees, magnolias, rhododendrons, silver-maples
and many more. Shortly before reaching Lichtental you
can find the "Garden of Dahlias" where the most
beautiful dahlia is being elected annually.

Less than two minutes away from our house, the
Lichtentaler Allee makes its way alongside the Oos
River 1.5 miles from the Klosterplatz all the way to the
city centre - a beautiful alternative to going there
by car by bus. Take a stroll or board one of the
romantic horse-drawn carriages.



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